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A virtual assistant to make your business easier and solve problems along the way

Virtual Assistant - Adis Burić, Croatia

Virtual assistant for digital nomads in Istria
and entrepreneurs in tourism

Highly skilled in solving problems with local bureaucracy and have over 20 years of experience in tourism, administration, bureaucracy, financial operations, and event management.

A dedicated virtual assistant will be able to

Help you save time

A virtual assistant can save time by automating tasks, organizing schedules, and providing quick information and assistance on demand.

Guide you through bureaucracy

A virtual assistant can guide you through bureaucracy by providing step-by-step
instructions, answering questions, and assisting with paperwork, simplifying complex processes.

Make business connections

A virtual assistant can help you make business connections by researching and identifying potential contacts and providing relevant information to facilitate networking opportunities.

Do boring stuff for you

A virtual assistant can automate mundane and repetitive tasks, freeing up your time and energy for more important and enjoyable activities.

Virtual Assistant in Pula, Croatia

I am a virtual assistant for entrepreneurs in tourism and event management, and the first virtual assistant for digital nomads in Istria with a focus on business and property owners. I provide administrative and logistical support for digital nomads who want to work and live in Istria, or expand their business to Istria, helping with the relocation process, making it a pleasant experience, providing administrative support with applying for a visa or other necessary documentation, finding accommodation, organizing activities in free time, getting to know and socializing with the locals, and establishing business contacts.

Adis BurićVirtual assistant

My services

  • Help in the planning of marketing campaigns, with a focus on e-mail marketing.
  • Help with event planning
  • Research and analysis of the market and competition
  • Development of work procedures
  • Sending clients personalized offers
  • Financial and payment monitoring
  • Preparation of bookkeeping documentation and communication with bookkeeping
  • Various administrative services tailored to the client’s requirements
  • Help with the relocation process, making it a pleasant experience
  • Administrative support with applying for a visa or other necessary documentation
  • Help with finding accommodations
  • Help with organizing activities in free time
  • Help with getting to know and socializing with the locals
  • Help with establishing business contacts
  • Service on request
  • Administrative support
  • Online and on-site logistical support


I am writing to recommend Adis Buric. She works as Virtual Assistant with my company Unicorn Consulting International d.o.o.
As a virtual assistant she was always very supportive to my everyday business and helped me in accounting as well as my presentation towards my customers.
During our collaboration she was very adaptive to new fields of work and learned quickly to understand my business.
She also never failed to deliver any negotiated work ahead of time.
It was always a delight to work with Adis Buric and I will never hesitate to ask her for assistance in the future.

Tibor Cvar MSc BSc, directorProfessional Scrum Master / Agile Coach / Business Analyst Unicorn Consulting International d.o.o. Vienna, Austria

As my company deals with production and we travel all over the world, it is important for us that wherever we go, we have a trusted person who I know will take care of even the smallest details, which are very important for the organization of the event. She always makes sure that nobody misses anything, from documentation to accommodation, food, and transportation. Adis will do more than agreed, just to make our stay easier for all of us. Whenever we are in Pula, I know we can count on her help in solving sometimes impossible missions. If you want someone you can rely on, Adis is the person you can turn to with complete confidence.

Nenad Jelenkovićdirector Full Production, Belgrade, Serbia

If you are looking for someone who will take care of all your needs and ensure that your event runs smoothly, feel free to contact Adis.
She will take care of even the smallest details that are crucial for the successful organization of the event. Adis will make sure that you have everything you need, from the necessary documentation to accommodation, food, and even transportation. She will do more than expected to make your stay easier and ensure that you don't miss anything. Regardless of how demanding or impossible the task is, Adis is always ready to accept the challenge and solve it in the best possible way. Whenever we are in Pula, I know we can count on her help.

Branislav PavlovićNovi Sad, Serbia

I've been working with Adis for several months now, and since the tourist season started, I've entrusted her with tasks that normally take up a lot of my time in addition to all my private and business obligations. These are tasks that are a very important part of our business, but they do not have to be done now and immediately, but during a certain period of the week. And honestly, since I let Adis take care of these tasks, I completely forgot about them! Everything was done on time and correctly; there is no need for an additional check. And I have much more time to devote primarily to my family.

Afrodita Rušovdirector, NAVIGARE j.d.o.o. , Medulin, Croatia

As our public address and sound engineer were canceled at the last minute at a very important event near Pula, I received a recommendation that Adis could help me from a mutual colleague and acquaintance. In a quick phone conversation, I gave her the necessary information, and within an hour, she agreed on the tone of the master and the public address system.
Literally, last-minute salvation! Fast, proactive, and resourceful. She solves emerging problems in the blink of an eye!

Mirela Mikšićart director, LELA DESIGN, Zagreb, Croatia

We bought a pre-construction apartment in Pula a few years ago, but things got complicated with the contractor. We are unable to ensure that everything is carried out in accordance with the agreement because we live in Germany. That's why we delegated responsibility to Adis, who made dealing with Croatian bureaucracy indescribably easier. What is most important to us is that we can have complete trust in her, as she has already proven to us numerous times.

Ronald GeyerMünchen, Germany

Frequently asked questions


Virtual assistants are people who provide their services remotely.
They work on their own equipment, in their own space, or on-site, depending on the agreement with the client and what services they offer.
You don’t have to pay them contributions, vacation, or sick leave, but only as much as the virtual assistant actually does.
Hourly, flat rate, or by agreement or project


As a specialized virtual assistant, I offer several forms of cooperation, all depending on the client’s needs.

The most common forms of cooperation are:
Per hour: I usually agree with the client on a maximum monthly budget of hours that I do not go over, and if by chance I go over the budget for justified reasons, I inform the client in a timely manner. So there are no “surprises”.
Flat rate: depending on the type of work, I specify with the client exactly which tasks I will take on, and we strictly stick to that.
By project: if you are planning some kind of project and you need remote or on-site assistance, most often the collaboration contract is by agreement.

A cooperation and confidentiality agreement must be signed before any cooperation can begin.


  • Time-saving: A specialized virtual assistant takes over many administrative and routine tasks, freeing up your valuable time to focus on core business activities.
  • Greater productivity: With a specialized virtual assistant, you can increase productivity because you will have support in performing various tasks, such as organizing schedules, managing e – mails, researching, preparing reports, etc.
  • Flexibility: A virtual assistant is available according to your needs, be it for a few hours a day or occasionally. Adaptability is a key advantage of virtual assistance.
  • Reduce costs: Instead of hiring a full-time employee, hiring a specialized virtual assistant can be a more economical option as you will only pay for the tasks or hours of work actually completed.
  • Expertise and Specialization: Specialized virtual assistants have expertise in specific areas and can deliver quality results.
  • Better organization: A virtual assistant can help you organize your schedule, meetings, travel, and document management.
  • Teamwork: A specialized virtual assistant can be your partner in work, collaborating with you and other team members to achieve common goals.
  • More time for family and leisure: As a virtual assistant takes over many tasks, you can afford more time for family and fulfilling hobbies.
  • Increased efficiency: A specialized virtual assistant has access to various tools and technologies that can improve your efficiency.